New People New Places Grant Information 2020

Creating and Vitalizing Congregations
New People, New Places Initiative

The office of Mission Field Ministries focuses and stewards the vision and mission of making disciples. How can existing congregations reach more new people, younger people and more diverse people?  We applaud where the people and churches of the Rio Texas Conference have been successful in these goals and we desire to help where we have found such fruitfulness lacking.

Beginning in 2015, a new line item was created specifically setting aside funds for New People, New Places.  Money for this area came from a realignment of our apportioned dollars so the local churches would not experience an increase in apportionments.

 These funds will be distributed through a grant process 3 times a year.  This money will be available to local churches and districts that demonstrate how they intend to use this money to reach new people for Christ or to be in new places in Christ.  Funds may be used for, but are not limited to, program expenses, capital expenditures (not renovations), and so forth.  No more than 20% of the total grant amount shall be allocated for administrative or staff expenses, ensuring at least 80% for initiative expenses.  All grants shall be for one year; however, applications may be submitted for a second year based on fruitfulness.  Please refer to “Certain General Restrictions,” below.  All funding will be subject to availability, yet special attention and consideration will go to Latin/Hispanic Ministries.

Theologically and missionally, our goals are Wesleyan.  We want more people to discover that God’s grace is real in their lives.  We want more people to respond to that grace.  We want more people to grow in that grace as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  In this, we transform the world around us.



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