9th day of Christmas devotional

Luke 2: 8-20


The Shepherds’ Christmas


As I spend more time with people in my church community, I see a glimpse of sadness, despair or even anger in peoples’ eyes. While the Smith family is able to afford a huge Christmas tree and fancy gifts for all the kids, the John’s family can’t even afford to pay for a full tank of gas.


The neighborhood kiddos compare and brag about their gifts they received on Christmas while Jimmy hides from those kids because he has nothing to talk about. All he can think about is his single mother’s sorrowful eyes and trembling voice apologizing to him for not getting any gifts.


Living in one of the wealthiest and the strongest country this 21st century reminds me of the fact that there is more confusion and false ideas about Christmas. I also confess before you that I am also very guilty of following the Christmas marketing scams. Yes, I try to surprise my children with gifts. But at the end, I always have this lingering voice in my spirit that says “can we go back to the first Christmas like what the shepherds had? Can we fill the day of Christmas with wonders and joy and tell the world about Jesus?”


Is it too late to give up on buying and receiving all gifts?

To be honest with you, I will contemplate on that dilemma for a few more years until I find a way and discernment to engage more people with less gifts but with more Spirit of Jesus.


I love Christmas caroling because I grew up with it. On cold crisp Christmas Eves, my church choir went door to door to praise God’s glory. The echoes of those beautiful voices and harmonies filled up the air and I can still vividly remember my soul being jubilant and awed. Alas, where have those precious nights gone?


Maybe we can fill each of the 12 days of Christmas with carols and lessons. Maybe during these 12 days of Christmas, you could be the shepherd that comes to worship the Lord by offering your obedience and submission.

May you seek, find and dwell in the overflowing grace of God as you humbly kneel before the Lord!



Submitted by: Rev. Kim Ethridge, Haynie Chapel


  April 2021  
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