8th Day of Christrmas Devotional



          May God richly bless each of you as we begin the New Year.  May it be a very happy new year, filled with opportunities and open doors.   

     May the love of our gracious God in Jesus Christ continue to fill your life and the lives of those around you.  May the expectations, hopes and dreams for 2020 be fulfilled as you continue to serve others in love.   

     It matters what we believe, and it matters if we live our faith and our convictions.  May our faith continue to be strong during the new year as our faith works through love.    We all know that our faith involves how we live, not just what we believe.

      I hope to live the new year without excuses such as the following:  1) using scapegoats; 2) blaming others; 3) blaming circumstances; 4) blaming past events and 5) blaming the devil.  “The devil made me do it.”

      May we be proud without being prideful, reverent without being pompous, bright without being snobbish, serious without being sad, concerned without being a crackpot, committed without being close-minded and good without being “holier than thou” (James W. Moore  “Yes Lord, I Have Sinned but I Have Several Excuses”).

      May 2020 be the best year ever for you and yours.



Warren Hornung

Pastor, Hope and Yoakum

  April 2021  
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