5th day of Christmas Devotional

On the 5th day of Christmas my true love (God) said to me: 5 golden rings. If we look to the bible and use the analogy that the 5 golden rings are the first 5 first books of the Bible and that the lord gave them to us to shape our lives, we can start to get a true meaning of Christmas. These five books are an example of all the things that people did and didn’t do to please God. And in these books we see that God was pleased when people changed their ways and lived their lives for him. This season is a season of rebirth. Jesus came to change the world. He came so all people could receive the gift of God’s grace and be born in this new life that is surrounded by God. My daughter ask me one Christmas years ago when she was young, “Dad, why do we celebrate Christmas?” I felt at the time I had failed as a father. But as I thought more about, I ask, “How many people think that way?” This Christmas, as any Christmas, is a chance to start new, to change our old habits and to love more. Look to the first 5 books of the Old Testament and use them as a history book that will shape our lives. Let us pray that all people will know the true meaning of the Christmas season. And we also pray that everyone’s life will be filled with that loving Grace that only our true God can fill us with. And last let us all pray that this season God will change the way people think about this time of year and that all people will be thankful for what God has given us. This wonderful Child that changed us from unforgivable to forgiven. Amen.



Submitted by: Kenny DuBois, Staples UMC

  April 2021  
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